Welcome to my homepage.

My name is Steen Jack Petersen and I have decided my homepage are

only with stamps from The Faroe Islands.

I have collected Faroe Stamps since 1975. I have collect all material from

Faroe Islands . I collect postal history, new and old stuff, but also more

modern material like Maximum Card. I have collect different collections



Mint collection with modern plate flaws.

Cancelled stamps with centered - cancellation

Parcel cards and other postal forms collect after postal rates

Collection of items collect after postal rates

Semi-Official Maximum Cards

Postcards published by Postverk Føroya

Collection of postmarks, mostly Tórshavn cancels


Special covers from different stamp exhibitions

Collection of FDC published by Postverk Føroya

Collection of FD-cancel on cover with correctly postal rate

Collection of plate blocks on covers with correctly postal rate

Ship's Mail, specially after 1975


On The next pages, you will see my want lists, and if you got some

duplicates please contact me with an offer.

I have also made some list of my duplicates I want to offer you.

If you want to start collect stamps from Faroe Islands, I got collections

for sale. If you already collect stamps from Faroe Islands, and need

materiel you can't see on The lists, please send your want list.


Welcome  to my website


Steen Jack Petersen