Reduced Postal Rate


Reduced Postal Rate, - A Less Known  Rate. 

(Before Official B-Letters)


In 1982, the amount of mail had increased to such an extend that the postal authorities tried to reduce the workload by introducing  ”second class ” letters, or ”mail at reduced postal rates”, i.e. mail that could be postponed till the next day.

The customers had a 20 oere discount (up to 20 gms), and as far as I remember 50 oere on heavier items.

Later on it was renamed B-letters, and to obtain the discount, you should send at least 100 letters at the same time.

(The rule applies even today)

Customers would have noted two asterisks in the published postal rates (Fig.1)  valid between  7th June, 1982 and 1st April,1983. B-letters are mentioned in the new postal rates introduced on the latter date.