Postal rates for newspapers.

Udgiverkorsbånd til autoriserede bladforhandlere


Publisher of newspapers can distribute the publication by mail services like “notify newspaper” delivered by a list, and distribute like “addressed newspaper” Saturday and/ or Sunday with wrapper. (Delivered on Monday)

Udgiverkorsbånd til omdeling som er tilmeldt bladbesørgelsen.(Brun adresseseddel) Ankomststemplet i Vágur 01.09.1989.


Publishers of week or months magazines will normally print the address on the magazine. There will not occur any wrappers.

Adresseret dagblad ” lørdag og/eller søndag ” med korsbånd. Blå adresseseddel


You will find wrappers from people and publisher who don’t have any agreement with the postal authorities to printed matter postal rate, and wrappers from publishers who have an agreement called “udgiverkorsbånd” for a low postal rate. You will find different types:

  1. “Udgiverkorsbånd” to be called for the post office.

  2. “Udgiverkorsbånd” to be called for the newsstand. (Fig.1)

  3. “Udgiverkorsbånd” to be delivered (only Faroe Islands) (fig.2)

  4. “Udgiverkorsbånd” to be delivered  (from other countries) (fig.3)


  1. Udgiverkorsbånd afstemplet 07.03.80 med tryksagstakst fra 01.10.79 130 øre/2 = 65 øre (20-100g ) og luftposttillæg 3* 20 øre pr. 10 gram i alt 125 øre oprundet til 130 øre.


Normally you paid by an account every months (PP- wrappers, PP – letters or plastic - wrappers). They are not interesting for stamp collectors.

Wrappers with stamps are used by small publishers and are very interesting for stamp collectors.

Udgiverkorsbånd afstemplet Klaksvik 26.02.87 med B-brev takst fra 01.01.86 420 øre/2 = 210 øre (20-100g ) .

  1. Udgiverkorsbånd afstemplet Tórshavn 26.11.87 med B-brev takst 01.01.86 600 øre/2 = 300 øre (100-250g ).


  1. Udgiverkorsbånd med avis fra den 30.06.88 til omdeling som er tilmeldt bladbesørgelsen. Adresselabel med PP.


The postal authorities demand the publishers should mark the wrappers with “ imprimés á taxe réduite”. The postal rates were never published. I have only received the Danish postal rates:







35 øre

60 øre

90 øre


40 øre

60 øre

100 øre


40 øre

80 øre

150 øre


45 øre

90 øre

160 øre


In 1976 Postverk Føroya continue with Danish rates and nobody knows when it ends. Later Postverk Føroya make an easy rule for the publishers: Half printed matter postal rate, and if you want mail by air, you must pay full air-charge. First times you can read about the rule are in July 1987.

Udgiverkorsbånd afstemplet 11.07.97 med bladtakst fra 01.01.96 600 øre (100-250g ). 

Printed matter and air-charge disappears in the new postal rates, so the postal authorities are making the first postal rates for publishers in October 1995.


I have seen a lot of wrappers who have a wrong franking. The Faroe rule and the Danish postal rates don’t accordance with the franking. Sometimes they haven’t stamps for the correctly postal rate, and sometimes the publisher doesn’t care and at last I think the postal employment doesn’t have the knowledge.


  1. Kunngerd um postgjøld 01.10.87.